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The Hidden Moon

Youth Collection

The Hidden Moon

Autor: Minerva Gallofré
ISBN: 978-84-946771-5-1
Pages: 267
Format: Paperback
language: SPANISH
Órzum Mullein is a sixteen ages-old boy who lives with his mother in the small village of Wattles, a cursed village. Everyone there knows that, every evening, the branches of the trees grow and tie together to form an opaque roof so the villagers cannot see the moon. One night, Órzum meets Rianon, a very strange and friendless girl. After establishing a strong friendship, gradually he discovers that she is endowed with a special magic. But the morning Rianon leaves the village, the life of Órzum changes drastically: that day he is told about the real story of his father's death, Corzus Mullein, and he also discovers that he was the one who caused the curse of Wattles because of the wrath of the worst warlock ever known: Murcaelus. Without hesitating a moment, Órzum recovers the ancient spear of his father and goes in search of Rianon to prevent her from facing alone the evil sorcerer whose power is ravaging the surrounding lands.

Gift Disc - La Luna Escondida

Tracks: 15
Format: WAV
Quality: 1400 Kbps

  • La maldición de Zarzos
  • Órzum Gordolobo
  • Zorro el Mercader
  • La fiesta de Ankara Fresno
  • El secreto de Ríanon Sauquillo
  • En busca del hada de la luz
  • El jabalí negro
  • Brial Gatuña
  • En tierras pantanosas
  • El mago del desorden
  • La Morada de las Brujas
  • Los fantasmas de ceniza
  • Liana Soleada
  • Los trece nombres de la luna
  • Mi brújula te sigue señalando (Canción metal con letra)
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